Are more high-rises on Regina Street good developments for the community and its environment?

Proposed zoning change site: The Parkway House and surrounding area, in front of Richmond Square buildings

In the city master plan this land is Zone 01 which is defined as suitable for: open space, parkland, community garden, environmental preservation and education area.


Windmill Development Group is proposing significant zoning changes for developing  12 storey and  20 storey  buildings.


According to the developer:






Regina Street already has one of the higher densities of high-rises in Ottawa. These proposed developments will impact the single-family homes, as well as the existing high-rises around them. Some of the concerns heard around the neighbourhood include:




There is a community consultation meeting on this zoning change proposal:

Regina Public school (gym) on Wednesday April 15 at 7:00 pm



Please try to attend the public meeting. 

If you have concerns about the density and appropriateness of this development, this is whom you can contact:

·      Lincoln Heights community coordinator on this issue- Parham Momtahan:


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